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A Few Days In NYC

Brooklyn is still the longest place we've lived (you know off and on, and in 6 different houses). We got married here. Whalen was born here. NYC will always have my heart.

We set up camp in Fort Greene (one of our favorite neighborhoods) for a few days and caught up with friends and caught up with the city.

When we're on the road the days are mixed. Some days we just hang out like we were at "home"... playing tennis, eating brunch, seeing art, hanging out in the park. Many days we're getting sh*t done like laundry, work, making plans. And some days we are totally surprised.

This was our surprise. Really a surreal moment. King was visiting a friend's art studio in Harlem and helped her bring some of her pieces back to her place. Whalen and I were in Central Park so they invited us to meet them "at the Dakota". I thought it was weird that anyone thought I'd have a clue as to the apartment building names. Anyway, we found it and were totally floored by the views from the roof and our host's gracious tour of the historic gothic building. It wasn't until we said goodbyes at the front door that I realized where we were... chills.


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