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And So The Next Journey Begins

How'd we end up in Belmullet on the northeast corner of Ireland you ask? :)

We packed up our much loved house in LA, visited family and then headed to Spain. After getting our entrepreneur residency paperwork filed in Barcelona, we headed to Ireland to stop our clock on the Schengen and await the verdict (you're only allowed 90 consecutive days in the Schengen Area of 26 European Countries, and we've heard Spanish paperwork can take a minute).

We settled into the small town Belmullet in County Mayo. We expected a mild, green summer off the beaten track. What we found here is a surreal connection to the earth - like none we've experienced before - certainly a life changer for us and I think will have an impact on King's work.

I imagine we will keep finding ways back to these cliffs and solitary vast strands.

One nice surprise... We had an adventure to the edge of the earth, and discovered Green Earth Organics delivering gorgeous organic produce from their farm everywhere in Ireland. We've been lucky to have the fruit and veggie boxes delivered to us in Belmullet every week.


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