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Berlin and Book Shops

I love Berlin. We've been coming here for years. The last time in 2010 was during the ash cloud so we travelled by train from Amsterdam. 7 hours on the train is a breeze. I feel electricity running through my veins when we're here. There's a creative energy like no other city - not Brooklyn, not LA, not London - it's pure Berlin energy. Everyone seems to be making something interesting.

And we can't help but visit as many book stores as we can. Another Country New and Secondhand English Books in Kreuzberg was the perfect place to waste away the afternoon. Kreuzberg is a bit more built up now but that's inevitable with all great neighborhoods, I've learned to go with the flow.

It was a tough choice. We narrowed it down to Barcelona and Berlin. Berlin also has a very favorable entrepreneur visa, a great startup scene, huge artist community. I guess the draw of the Mediterranean was just too strong to resist. But I could see us living here someday.

We'll soak up these last few hours of Berlin's electricity and then make our way to our new home in Barcelona.

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