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Indie Designers In Gracia

Designers Elisabet Carlota and Elisenda Oms founded a collaboration CARLOTAOMS (you can probably see where they got their name ;)

Such a beautiful collection of locally made designs. I couldn't help but pick up a scarf when I stopped in to meet these two creative designers and grab a tour of their sewing studio in the back. Their energy is contagious!

COSHOP is also in Gracia, and has a fantastic collection of local designers with eco-friendly pieces all made in Barcelona. Feels good and fun to shop here, and you will most likely find one of the designers looking after the store.

P.S. You can catch the Fontana Metro and also find so many treats on Carrer d'Astúries.

PS.S. And the "REBAIXES" banner means big sales (in Catalan), so now is a great time to stop by!


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