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Dear Clean Air, I'm Grateful For You

We headed to Joshua Tree for a few days to wait out the ash falling in Los Angeles.

Not being able to breathe in clean air really puts things in perspective. Cleaning up the world's water, air, and land is not a "nice to have" and it's not happening sometime out in the future... it's clearly now.

It also makes me think about air being one of the last few things that's truly shared by all humans. How does that look in the future without cleaning things up. Will corporations bottle air like they do water? I hope that's science fiction.

I am humbled that we have the ability to make a change that's needed for our family's health. Many many people do not have this option. I am thankful for Joshua Tree which always provides a respite for us. I appreciate my mom's generosity with opening up her place for us in Palm Desert to spend the next week until the AQI goes back into "normal pollution" range. I am incredibly happy that I can take my work on the road and feel that I'm putting my efforts towards something that could make a difference in the world. Deep breath...


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