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So 15 years ago in LES I stumbled upon an independent designer's studio where I picked up my favorite jacket of all time (if we've been together when it's chilly... you'll know the wool grey one with the buckles - sometimes complete with the gaucho pants).

Yesterday while we were visiting galleries I had a flashback and found Heyja Do and Moon Rhee in their new (and absolutely stunning) digs. Originally from Korea, these two talents are beyond inspiring.

In typical NYC fashion while catching up we realized we lived in the same building in DUMBO back in 2007. I love how intertwined lives can be in this big city, and how it forces you to move past the nostalgia and constantly reconnect. I love walking all day, sweaty from the summer heat and subways, getting lost on side streets with no idea how the day is going to take shape,

I just took Heyja Do's design out for a test drive and I can safely say I'm never taking it off. I couldn't be a bigger fan! Hopefully it won't be another 15 years before I make it back.

Definitely stop by and visit them when you're in the neighborhood! DEAR: Rivington+


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