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Wanna Take a Road Trip?

When we first met I sensed we were kindred spirits. Almost immediately I blurted "hey, want to travel together over the summer after graduation?" And so, 20 years ago, we set off across the country... in my green eclipse with a highway atlas and camping gear. My mom hooked us up with a few of her friends out west that opened their homes to us along the way.

Hiking to this waterfall in Ordesa National Park in Bielsa, Spain yesterday brought back memories of the one we hiked to that summer near Mount Baker. Only now we have our sweet mountain goat Whalen leading the way. The summer of 1997 forever changed my life and we've been on a wild adventure ever since.

When my mom's friends opened their homes to us along our road trip adventure in 1997 no-one had heard of airbnb, or even craigslist for that matter. It's fascinating to me as I uncover the many building blocks that shaped me and my view of today. It's what drives me to push forward and at the same time find ways to get back to my roots.


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