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King Started An Artist-to-Artist Residency

King's painting studio is on the property of a family owned wool mill in Sabadell - about a 40 minute train ride from our apartment in Gracia. We were given an open invite to check out what's happening in the mill. I just think about going in here and my throat itches. It is so cool to see the charlie & the chocolate factory'ish machines weaving around the giant mill to clean the fibers. The resulting mountain of beautifully clean wool gets patiently hand-sorted (pictured here) and sent on to textile makers. You know that Merino wool sweater you have? It probably began it's yarn journey here.

King has a huge studio space and we decided to start a residency - Wool Factory AIR for artists to come work. They will share King's studio and live with us for a month in Barcelona or so at a time. What a beautiful exchange. I wonder if we could start these up all over the world??


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