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Kitchen Table Art

Did you know this is what a ginger root looks like in the wild? Seriously gorgeous!!! Thank you Edible Gardens LA for another yummy box from the farm last week. We’re saving the most sculptural produce for last :)

Farm table by Salvare Goods architectural salvage

We can't wait for Tuesday mornings. It's when we receive Edible Gardens LA founder Lauri Kranz's email with all the beautiful produce and artisan goodies on offer for the week. The produce box just brightens up the whole house. It just makes me so happy!

From Edible Gardens LA... We build, plant and sustain organic vegetable gardens. We help chefs, families and anyone with an interest in having a home garden grow lush gardens full of organic vegetables.

Beautifully made and locally sourced garden-to-table. Edible Gardens LA is offering contactless delivery of produce in the Los Angeles area from our favorite farmers and our own Edible Gardens LA FARM. We customize each delivery to accommodate the number of people in your household and your location. Visit the shop for artisan garden supplies and pick up founder Lauri Kranz's book (with Dean Kuipers) - A Garden Can Be Anywhere. It is the Edible Gardens LA guide to creating a beautiful and bountiful home garden. It’s like your favorite cookbook, but instead of taking it into the kitchen you bring it with you into the garden.

Lauri Kranz found herself volunteering in the vegetable garden of her son’s school many years ago. Little did she know that moment would pave the way for her life, her business, and her passion moving forward. "I believe that if you put yourself out there, if you trust your instincts and you do the work, you will find yourself at that place, where it’s really what you’re passionate about, and the support you need to really have it comes to fruition.” - Lauri Kranz

We first visited Salvare Goods when we moved from Brooklyn to LA back in 2013. Despite this farm table being buried under an array of vintage hardware with only peeks of the dark worn wood planks peeking through, we fell in love with it.

From Salvare Goods... We offer vintage decor, lighting, furniture, custom building, prop rentals and design services. Daily arrivals. We are lifelong vintage lovers and opened our own shop to marry our love with our livelihood. It's our great pleasure to seek out unique vintage and share it all with people who appreciate the magic of these one of a kind pieces.

Antique, Mid century modern, 1970's, and postmodern lighting. Mid century decor, vintage studio pottery, unique vintage items from around the world, with new arrivals daily. Voted Best Antique store in LA, by the LA Weekly Reader's Poll 2016, and LA Weekly editors 2017! Check out our daily arrivals in Instagram salvaregoods.

Selena and Seth founded Salvare Goods in 2014. We are artists, designers, and art directors. We have been in vintage, and interior design for the last 15 years. We love to save pieces of the past, and see them put back into homes and businesses, as well as create custom spaces and furnishings. Having studied sculpture, and with twenty years of building experience, we can create most anything.


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