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Let's Build The New Model

While the boys are putting in the hard work on the tennis court, I’m flexing my mind with Bucky.

One of his quotes has been sticking with me... “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

I haven't spent much time with R. Buckminster Fuller until I ran across this incredible co-op in West Jackson, Mississippi (CO-OP NWJ), with his quote on their site.

The co-op's vision ...

Is a grassroots effort to transform a neighborhood marred by violence, drugs, abandonment and neglect, now targeted for new economic development, into a sustainable model community by securing property in a community land trust and employing a creative reuse strategy to incubate cooperative enterprises based on the underutilized skillsets of residents. What we are attempting to do is not a reactionary fight against impending gentrification, but a proactive measure to build and strengthen people in place to prevent displacement and build real wealth to alleviate poverty.

You can support their initiative by staying in one of their five onsite houses.

Yes! Yes!!! Let’s build the new model, just like the CO-OP New West Jackson is doing. They are off the charts inspiring. Who says you have to shoehorn yourself into the old model when you're trying to make real and lasting change.


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