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Marlybone Looks A Little Different Now

I'm not sure if these two ordered a cup of tea or a Guinness :)

Marylebone has definitely evolved since we lived here in 2001! My first time traveling overseas was to move to London for a project, and it changed me forever. Each time we're in town I always visit the neighborhood and stop by our flat. The pub across the street from our old place is pretty fancy pants now.

When I first started my technology consulting career, I told HR I wanted to be staffed on a project anywhere in the world. Anywhere in the world. Even the places I didn't want to go to (which I couldn't think of any), I wanted to go to. A few years in, I got my first shot to move to London, and I jumped at it. We were lucky to live in London a few times over the years, but I'll never forget the feeling of the first time I had to LOOK LEFT!


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