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May You Live In Interesting Times

Venice is one of those places I've been putting off. After we got married we spent over a month traveling around Italy (ohhhhh so many stories :). The crowds in Florence were overwhelming (and it was just March!), and thinking Venice might be the same, I've put it on the back burner. But, it's the Biennale. I'm dying to go to the Biennale, and we're moving back to the states - so it's the time to go. We were very pleasantly surprised - the crowds weren't bad at all. It was an amazing experience - and the art blew me away. Now I want to go to every Biennale. And now I want to go back to Florence, maybe it got a bad wrap.

The theme this year - May You Live In Interesting Times - feels right on.

Ad Minoliti's Mural 2019

Helen Frankenthaler's paintings from 1952 to 1992, Palazzo Grimani di Santa Maria Formosa

Rooftops out the window of Palazzo Fortuny

Channeling Henriette Fortuny

We lucked out to find an apartment tucked back in the Castello neighborhood where tourists fade away. You can find wine straight from the barrel for 2 euros a liter, kids playing futbol in the plazas, and even the bars hand make their pasta! Although the streets are still so tight we haven't seen the moon in a few days.

See you in two years Venice.


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