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Olive Trees - O LOV U

Hiking the GR-221 and ran across a field of these ancient gnarled olive trees. We were so grateful to have it to ourselves! To our surprise, turns out summer is a great time to hike the Tramuntanas because all the tourists are at the beach (on the other side of the island) and it's actually cool under the canopy of trees with the ocean breeze.

We took a bus (200 line) from Banyalbufar to Esporles, grabbed some bocadillos and olives, then hiked back on the GR-221. This stretch is not touted as the most beautiful, but I beg to differ... it's a gorgeous path of shady trees and then opens up for a glimpse of the sea views at the end. It's easy to get spoiled with the endless views so don't fall for the reviews or trying to find "the best". There's no such thing. Usually it just leads you to a lot of people. There's no way to go wrong, every turn is breathtaking - you just have to breath it in.

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