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Paris Flashback

We're on a flight to Paris for the weekend and I started day dreaming about all of our trips before... I found this pic from 2007 our dear friend took of us on our apartment balcony in Montparnasse. In typical fashion she jumped on a plane last minute without a second thought and joined us - oh we had so much fun!!

Another time we stayed in Les Halles with my sis and soaked up the holiday markets, festive lights and crisp air on the Champs-Élysées.

We celebrated King's dad's 65th birthday with his parents at an underground restaurant where the chef ran the five table place himself.

I took one of my first solo trips here (almost 20 years ago!) when I was living in London on the Eurostar under the English Channel and I remember the chill of seeing my first van Gogh in person. That trip made quite an impression on me.

I remember sweating out a heat wave in the attic room of a hotel with the cheapest rate and a view across the entire city.

King & I have made so many memories wandering the city on our own. Now I can't wait to see it again through Whalen's eyes. It's hard not to love Paris ❤️️


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