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Practical Free Spirits, That's What We Are

I'm meeting a dear friend in Athens. She's arriving later today so I took the time to wander around. I've never been to the Greek capital before. What a city. It's only been a few hours, but I definitely could live here. I love wandering around a new city on my own, creating memories I have singularly. It's like telling myself a secret.

The hike up Mount Lycabettus was so much fun and I caught the Acropolis looking all moody. This shop across the street from our hotel, Second Hand Lux, was closed on Sunday - but I peered in enough through the windows to see gems to check out next time I'm in town. And they are so right, beautiful clothes should be loved again.

We decided not to plan our trip. We're going to the ferry terminal in the morning and we'll just see where we end up. This is one of my favorite ways to travel. No expectations. Adjust to what seems like fun. Talk to the locals. Stay shorter, stay longer, switch course. You can run this way especially easy during the off-season. Another reason why I absolutely love traveling during the off-season - everywhere. It's also kind of mysterious as to what ferries are running to which island and what time during the off-season in Greece so it's much more efficient to get the word on the street. Practical free spirits, that's what we are :)


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