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Stay On The Pink Cloud

It's pure coincidence we're in Amsterdam on Mother's Day - where I found out 9 years ago I was becoming a mom! King & I were living on Nieuwe Herengracht while I worked on a Greenpeace project. Those months changed our life in so many ways.

I actually had my first ultrasound here. Afterwards we awaited, notebook in hand, for all the detailed advice the doc was sure to to lay on us. Surprisingly he only had a single directive (and I kid you not, this is the ooooonly thing the man said to do) ...

"Stay on the pink cloud"

That's it. That's the secret to a healthy babe.

And it was. It's the single piece of advice that helped us the most.

It's probably the secret to everything.

In other news, amongst running around town reminiscing...

We had dinner at our favorite place, Tempe Doeloe, for Indonesian rijsttafel (rice table) of 20 dishes that climbs in heat as you go.

Hit our favorite market, Waterlooplein.

And last but not least...

I was met with confusion when I popped into our neighborhood "coffee shop" for a flat white.

First the "barista" thought he was missing something, then realized I was the one missing something ;)

P.S. The surprise highlight of our trip was catching David Hockney at the van Gogh museum. Hockney-Van Gogh. Two painters, one love We didn't realize the exhibition was in town. We've been to the van Gogh museum a ton and were really excited to show Whalen. We usually just roll up, but with Hockney, it was totally sold out (for months!). Discouraged, the clerk told us a few tickets open up every afternoon at 4:30 and you just have to be quick. We were quick. Got the tickets. And the exhibition totally knocked us back. Hockney's four seasons / four screen film is worth the effort to see it in person. It will overwhelm you.


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