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The Nomads Are Nesting

After nearly 5 months on the road the we're nesting hard!! We’re so so happy to get into our place!

We discovered the best secondhand shop, Good Neighbor Antique, on Figueroa Street where we picked up this pre-loved outdoor sofa.

The Acapulco chairs actually came back with us from Barcelona. We found them on Wallapop and bought them from a Dutch girl that was moving back to the Netherlands. We walked these bad boys all the way across town so it was hard to part with them! <flashback from Barcelona… luckily when you’re carrying chairs home on foot you have a convenient rest spot in hand>

Setting up our new home in Echo Park has been sort of a marriage between what we left behind 4 years ago and the few things we decided to bring back with us. I am so happy to work with Good Neighbor Antiques and donate all the "duplicates" - i know they'll find a good home.

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