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Trabia Sicily

We really lucked out with our house swap... the grounds covered with citrus, olive and banana trees, a huge garden about to light up with spring and a short walk to the sea and town.

Trabia is very local and welcoming, with a quick train to Palermo or Cefalu and close to hikes. We were pleasantly surprised with how connected and efficient the Sicilian train system is. Taking the train into Palermo was a breeze.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the pizza place in Trabia that was so packed we barely got a table. It turned into a drag karaoke party mid-way through dinner. The emcee asked for applause when she mentioned the small nearby town people were from, and had to make a personal visit to our table to find out exactly how we had managed to find ourselves here from America (via Spain).


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