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Ola Portugal

What a fun way to see Porto's 6 iconic bridges... pick up a bicycle, electric bicycle, or scooter right on the river with TT-3Ways What a city!

And we managed to squeeze in a few days in the rolling hills of the Douro River Valley. We stayed in a converted horse stable on the Quinta da Raposeira port wine vineyard near the small town of Armamar.

The restaurant on the edge of town, Fonte Nova, was the absolute best. It's owned by a husband and wife duo. The wife is the chef and the husband runs the front of the house and has the most contagious smile. We literally went there every night and just said "você sugere" and a few minutes later we had a table full of a foodie's dream. After dinner King and I shared a port, and Whalen headed up front to lay in front of the fireplace and watch the chef cook.

Pure joy. Another birthday trip success.

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