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Vienna's 7th District

I had the pleasure of meeting the talented Ilga Zermann. Her hand-made jewelry at Schmuck Laden in Vienna's 7th district is elegant with clean lines and hints of color.

If you find yourself in Vienna and not sure where to start - head to Kirchengasse... it's just one magical place after another.

Further up the street we stepped into MOTMOT and spent some time talking with the husband of the wife/husband duo that founded the predominantly yo-yo shop, Steve and Anna both graphic designers. Steve told us about the screen-printing workshops they give in English. We're definitely going to have to come back! Whalen played with their son and they picked out a funky orange and yellow squirrel t-shirt. We always buy Whalen clothes that are a few sizes too big (and now we opt for adult sized t-shirts) to have plenty of years to grow into it. This definitely helps us all choose wisely - we know we'll see it for a while :) Of course we were having too much fun to snap a pic, but the shop is so much fun, clean lined and colorful - clearly the work of a designer's eye.


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