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Provider Partners


Purpose-driven providers pursuing their craft in a sustainable way

Host Partners


Hosts who want to make their place more eco-friendly and connect artisans into their guest's experience

Platform Partners


Platforms that support these hosts via technology services

Calling Provders

Calling BRANDS!

By partnering with slowtravlr, you can expand your sales channels and unlock collaborative business models...

Wholesale/Bulk Goods: 

Open a new sales (and rental) channel with hosts to design and stock their rental property.


Generate recurring revenue through consumable subscription orders.

Retail Goods: 

Integrate organically into the traveler’s experience.


Travelers live with your goods. They order what they love and their curiosity is sparked to engage in your process.


This is a game-changer for direct-to-consumer brands, and is a fantastic way for the eco-curious to “try on” a sustainable lifestyle. 

Your reach stretches beyond the stay. Travelers share favorites with their network who can “shop their friend’s stay”. There's no better recommendation than directly from a friend who has tried and loved it!

Local Experiences + Eco-Services:  

Offer authentic experiences that stay true to your artistic process. 


List your eco-service for travelers' longer stays and nuanced needs as lines blur between vacation, home, and work.

Are you an independent sustainable business?

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Calling Hosts

Calling hosts!

By partnering with slowtravlr, you can reduce expenses, add new revenue channels, and eco-fy your operations while supporting independent providers and strengthening your relationship with guests...

We work with all types of hosts whether you're running solo, a managed collective, or a boutique hotel.

Tap into the power of a like-minded ecosystem: 

Gain access to collective purchasing power and unlock collaborative business models.

Curate your place

We know it's time-consuming and costly to design your property and can be daunting to turn your vision of an eco-friendly stay into reality. 


We help you keep your place stocked with high quality consumable goods and housewares at bulk rates. 

Enhance your guest's experience: 

Discerning and conscious guests love sustainable artisan amenities and integrated experiences.


They can learn about the makers featured in your place that capture their curiosity, and access a curated shop personalized to their stay.

Plus, we are continuously expanding our offerings to include more goods, experiences, and eco-services.

Enable repeat stays and referrals: 

Being a slowtravlr host also means that your listing will be showcased, making it easy for guests to rebook and refer their friends and family.

Encourage direct bookings: 

You can keep your bookings on your independent or listing site, as we simply link to your preferred platform. If you're looking to transition to direct bookings, it's as simple as updating the booking link.

Add Passive Revenue Channels: 

We are forming true partnerships with host profit sharing.

Want to be a slowtravlr host? 

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Calling Platforms


We are looking for strategic partnerships with like-minded platforms that support hosts with enabling technology.   



Does this spark ideas?

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